GE Monogram Dishwashers

Product Highlights

  • New wash system with mulit-angle and a high-heat steam option virtually eliminates the need for pre-rinsing.
  • Bulk-dispense technology holds an entire 4.7 oz. bottle of detergent, releasing the right amount throughout the wash cycle based on water hardness and soil level.
  • High-intensity xenon lights illuminate the entire interior, leaving no question as to whether or not dishes have been cleaned.
  • Quiet operation (48 dBA) is made possible by advanced sound-absorbing materials and a smooth running motor.
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Like exquisitely crafted flatware or pristine bone china, new Monogram dishwashers artfully demonstrate the beauty in utility. Whether you choose a full size dishwasher or a smaller model ideal for a bar area or gallery kitchen, you’ll have an appliance that blends seamlessly with your decor and life.

Monogram dishwashers have always made light work of challenging cleaning tasks. Our latest models take simplicity to extremes with a bulk-dispense system, which holds an entire bottle of detergent and releases just the right amount for each load. A revolutionary new wash system with multi-angle jet sprays and high-heat steam option virtually eliminates the need for pre-rinsing. Even with the added capabilities, new models still exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines and achieve the high level of style for which Monogram is renowned. For bar areas or a second kitchen, Monogram offers 18″ dishwashers. Like larger, fully integrated models, this dishwasher is designed to work beautifully in any setting.

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