GE Profile Dishwashers

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  • Delivers a 67% Better Wash Performance: The PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration gets dishes sparkling clean by preventing even the smallest grit or soils from redepositing on clean dishes. The system utilizes 37% more wash jets compared to our previous wash system to create a cross-jet action and ensure that every surface gets equal coverage, all while saving 32% energy and 43% water.
  • Steam Prewash Option: The Steam Prewash option begins loosening tough soils before the powerful main wash to help remove baked-on soils. No more pre-rinsing dishes or soaking pans overnight. Some competitors also offer steam technology, however, they introduce steam much later in the cycle when the dishes should already be clean.
  • DeepClean Cycle: The revolutionary DeepClean cycle combines a Steam Prewash, SmartDispense™ technology and the PureClean wash system to wash away hard-to-remove foods like eggs, rice and oatmeal, providing a thorough clean throughout the dishwasher. Stuck-on food soils are no match for the advanced technology of the DeepClean cycle.
  • Dedicated Silverware Jets : A new middle wash arm with powerful spray jets not only cleans items in the upper rack, but it also focuses on silverware to provide a thorough cleaning of all utensils. These dedicated silverware jets provide additional coverage and improved cleaning.
  • SmartDispense™ Technology: GE’s SmartDispense technology provides up to 2 months of washing without having to touch a sticky bottle of detergent. With SmartDispense technology, simply pour a bottle of detergent in the reservoir, and throw it away! The dishwasher automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent throughout each dish cycle. Washing dishes has never been this easy.
  • Eclipse Black Nylon Coated Racks: These racks hold up to 16 place settings and make it easy to load tall and oversized items, such as pots, pans, cookie sheets and cutting boards. Nylon coating offers a long-lasting durability, which resists chipping and peeling. The deep-tiered rack helps accommodate tall items, like a 14-inch plate in the bottom rack and 10-inch pilsner glasses or stemware in the top rack at the same time
  • Single Rack Wash™ Selection: The Single Rack Wash™ selection is perfect for washing glasses or smaller loads of dishes. This cycle uses less water and energy by washing just the upper rack.
  • Heated Dry with Fan Assist: A heating element helps heat the air inside of the tub and a small fan helps circulate that air for fast drying performance.
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GE Profile dishwashers are a stylish addition to any kitchen. Choose between a sleek, modern top-control look or a contemporary, yet traditional, look in-front controls, or you can opt not to see the dishwasher at all, by choosing a custom panel model which will blend seamlessly into adjacent cabinetry.

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The new PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration prevents grit from redepositing on clean dishes. The Steam Prewash option can be selected to help to loosen tough soils so they are blasted away during the wash cycle virtually eliminating the need to soak or pre-rinse dishes. The DeepClean cycle handles difficult soilslike eggs, rice and oatmealthroughout the dishwasher. Plus, you’ll get all of this without disturbing family time, thanks to sound levels as low as 47 dBA.