GE 40″ Gallon Short Electric Water Heater – GE40S08BAM

GE 40″ Gallon Short Electric Water Heater
GE 40″ Gallon Short Electric Water Heater
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GE 40″ Gallon Short Electric Water Heater – GE40S08BAM

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Product Highlights

  • Real Capacity
  • Leading Performance
  • Household Size
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GE 40″ Gallon Short Electric Water Heater – GE40S08BAM

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Real Capacity – Get the most hot showers from the only water heater that holds a true 40 gallons of water (Compared to 40 gallon electric steel tank water heaters per DOE rated gallon capacity).

Leading Performance – Live comfortably with this best in class unit that delivers 66 gallons of hot water in the first hour (Measured through DOE First Hour Rating).

Household Size – Provide hot water for the whole family of 2 to 4 persons.

Quick Recovery – Two 5500W heating elements quickly increase water temperature for hot water when you need it.

Inlet Tube – Replenishes water from the bottom of the tank to maximize hot water delivery.

Easy Set Up – Replace your old water heater quickly and easily using standard water and electrical connections.

Anode Rod – Durable design offers long-lasting protection against corrosion.

Drain Valve – Rust-proof construction can be counted on to provide long-lasting service.

Adjustable Thermostat – Change temperature to your desired setting.

Warranty – 8-year limited Parts Warranty


121 lbs


40 Gallons

Unit Capacity

52 x 22