Verdant Energy Management VX Wired Thermostat Kit in White – VX-TR-KT-W

Verdant Energy Management
Verdant Energy Management
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Verdant Energy Management VX Wired Thermostat Kit in White – VX-TR-KT-W

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Verdant Energy Management VX Wired Thermostat Kit in White – VX-TR-KT-W

The Verdant Energy Management System Explained
On average, your rooms are unoccupied more than 60% of the time, even when rented, wasting energy heating and cooling empty rooms, and unnecessarily inflating your electricity costs.

That’s where we come in. Our smart thermostats solve this problem by using advanced occupancy sensing technology to continuously scan the room for motion and body heat. When guests are present, they’re given full control over room temperature.

When guests leave the room, Verdant thermostats enter ‘setback mode’, allowing room temperatures to drift naturally by a few degrees, reducing HVAC runtimes by 40% on average.

And when our own energy experts remotely manage all your thermostats using advanced cloud-based software, you get optimal savings year-round, without any involvement from your staff or discomfort to your guests

Installing our energy management system is simple. Your property staff can easily install our smart thermostats in less than 10 minutes per room. The units then start communicating with each other wirelessly, creating a 100% wireless network that can be used by our energy experts to manage your network. Verdant’s proprietary communication protocol leverages low-frequency radio waves that easily penetrate thick walls and cover long distances, eliminating the need for additional networking equipment and keeping your WIFI network free of any interference.

Most properties achieve annual savings of 15-20% on their utility bills, and a payback period between 12-18 months*. That’s thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year.

It’s also a significant boost to your property’s overall value. That’s because every dollar saved in electricity costs increases the resale value of your property by 13X**, generating an incredible return on invested capital. Very few investment opportunities will offer so much upside in such a short time.

Verdant VX Series thermostat
Our field-proven Verdant VX thermostat is robust, reliable, and offers unparalleled value for property owners. Trusted by thousands of hotels throughout North America, Verdant VX comes with all the great features that made Verdant a preeminent leader in guestroom energy management technology.


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