LG 65″ EW960H Series Smart OLED Hospitality TV – 65EW960H

LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
LG Hospitality TV EW960H Series
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LG 65″ EW960H Series Smart OLED Hospitality TV – 65EW960H

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Product Highlights

• OLED TV – Blade Slim, Intense Colors, Infinite Contrast
• Pro:Centric® SMART Platform
• Integrated Pro:Idiom® DRM Technology
• webOS Media Share Features

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Brand: LG Electronics

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Product Description

LG 65″ EW960H Series 65EW960H Smart OLED Hospitality TV

Pro: Centric Smart
The EW960H is the latest in the line of Pro: Centric TVs that provide unique and dedicated hotel applications hosting platform for LG’s system integrators’ interactive applications, enabling delivery for a wide range of custom applications tailored to both hotel management and guest needs. LG Pro: Centric SMART offers extended customizable tools: HTML5, Java, and Flash. Using these tools, partners can optimize the TVs by editing and developing their own enhanced service design to increase the visual impact on guests.

Pro: Idiom
Pro: Idiom unlocks access to premium content to help ensure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content. Pro: Idiom has been designed specifically for users of premium HDTV content from cable, satellite, or video-on-demand (VOD) services, and is intended to lower costs and reduce maintenance. This leading DRM system is embraced for its security solution, which prevents illegal copying of copyrighted content.

Blade Slim
The artistic thin design of the EW960H perfectly matches and blends into any type of hotel room.

Intense Colors
OLED hospitality TVs bring colors to life with superb accuracy. Self-lighting pixels give the TV expanded color scope, delivering the finest details of color and gradation. This enables guests to enjoy content more vividly.

Infinite Contrast
Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce black. No light bleed. Absolute black offers infinite contrast, and guests can appreciate its clarity.

Pro: Centric Application
Personalize the television experience with the Pro: Centric Application (PCA), which provides guests access to a variety of additional features, such as an interactive Electronic Program Guide, weather forecast and radar map, and customized electronic billboards for information on hotel amenities, all conveniently presented through the on-screen menus.

Pro: Centric Direct Ready
Simply create your own templates and remotely manage TVs on the IP network with Pro: Centric Direct, LG’s content management software. Pro: Centric Direct offers a Project Editor, along with customizable widgets and three types of theme templates (Cinematic-type, Grid-type, Bar-type)* in order to promote branding and provide useful information for guests. Its interactive features will impress guests by elevating their in-room experience. Plus, for hoteliers, not only does it offer efficient content production and management, but it also maximizes advertisement effectiveness, which contributes to improving the hotel brand.


49.8 lbs


1,451 x 840 x 64 mm



TV Size

3,840 × 2,160