Amana PTAC 12K BTU Cool and Electric Heat 230/208V – PTC123G35A

Amana DigiSmart PTAC
Amana DigiSmart PTAC
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Amana PTAC 12K BTU Cool and Electric Heat 230/208V – PTC123G35A

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Product Highlights

  • Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A. for over 35 years
  • DigiSmart Control Board for Energy Savings
  • Indoor Tangential Fan for Quiet Operation and Optimal Air Distribution
  • Compatible with the DigiSmart Wireless Energy Management System, Providing 35% More Energy Savings
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Product Description

Amana PTAC 12K BTU Cool and Electric Heat 230/208V – PTC123G35A

The innovative Amana PTAC features a sleek, clean appearance with improved sound quality and Bluetooth communications. With a built-in wireless antenna for communication with thermostats, Amana PTACs deliver energy management at the touch of a button. Able to communicate with wall mounted thermostats as well as other energy management devices, Amana PTACs, combined with the Amana mobile app, provide instant access to unit settings, performance and more. The Amana PTAC is Eden™ EMS ready. Adding the complete Eden™ control system accessories (sold separately) delivers energy efficiency and wireless communication. With low EER ratings, the energy efficient Amana PTACs may qualify you for rebates offered by your electrical power company. Featuring an increased dehumidification capacity, you can maintain comfort at higher temperatures. The Compressor Lock-In feature in the Amana PTAC helps prevent short-cycling, increasing the lifespan. Backed by a five year warranty, Amana PTACs are a durable, reliable and efficient unit that will never disappoint.
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Using the new Amana mobile app, control your PTAC with the touch of a button. The app simplifies set-up and configuration and features integrated Eden™ connectivity. (Eden accessories are sold separately.)
  • Quiet Operation
  • Redesigned to be one of the quietest PTACs Amana has ever built, it features two fan motors and an indoor tangential fan that provides quiet operation.
  • Dehumidification
  • With increased dehumidification capacity, you can feel comfortable in higher temperatures, helping to reduce cooling costs.
  • Condensate Dispersion System
  • The system draws water directly onto the outdoor coil for fast evaporation, leading to increased efficiency. Increased surface area from the coil allows more water to be evaporated even on the sides of the coils, further reducing condensate run-off.
  • Compressor Lock-In
  • The Compressor Lock-In feature helps to extend the life of the compressor by preventing short-cycling.
  • Emergency Heat
  • Amana PTAC Heat Pump units automatically switch to electric resistance heat if the heating load is greater than the unit’s capacity or if there is a compressor system failure.
  • Run Tested
  • All Amana PTACs are 100% run tested at their plant, including leak checks during manufacturing as well as prior to shipment from their warehouse.
  • Built-In Wireless RF Antenna
  • With the DT01G DigiTenna Wireless RF now built-in, the Amana PTAC provides wireless communication with thermostats and other energy management devices.


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