Amana Wireless Thermostat Kit – DSA02NO

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Amana Wireless Thermostat Kit – DSA02NO

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Product Highlights

• No add-on antenna needed with Amana J & K Series PTACs

• 2-way wireless communication between PTAC and thermostat

• Communication without a line of sight

• One-button connection to the thermostat

• Backlit display

• AA battery-powered (batteries included)

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Product Description

Amana Wireless Thermostat Kit – DSA02NO

The Amana® brand DSA02NO Wireless Thermostat Kit brings together the modern look, feel and ease of use you can expect from the Amana brand PTACs. The DSA02NO kit includes a wireless battery-powered thermostat that will connect to the Amana J & K series PTAC with radio frequency (RF) transmissions for two-way communication between the unit and the thermostat. The kit is easy to install. Simply place your Amana J or K series PTAC into RF pairing mode and press the pair button on the back of the thermostat. With the push of a button you can connect to your PTAC and start enjoying the comfort and ease of your innovative Amana brand PTAC, wire and worry-free.

The DSA02NO kit is designed as a wireless thermostat, but does not support the full line of benefits available to you with the full EMS thermostat system. Additionally, by upgrading to our EdenTM EMS package you can save up to 35%* on your PTAC energy use compared to models without the EdenTM EMS package. You can also select from the web/internet communications & monitoring options. Call your Amana brand PTAC sales representative for detailed differences from the DSA02NO non-occupancy sensing RF wireless thermostat versus the full EMS system.