RFQ – TV Installation

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    1. Property Name

    2. Property Address

    3. Point of Contact On-Site (Name & Phone No.)

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    5. What is the preferred date for installation? If multiple phases are needed, please provide a breakdown of the phases, room count, and installation dates per phase.

    6. Is this a New or Existing Property? (Check all that apply)
    NewExistingThe building will be occupied at the time of installation.
    7. How many buildings require installation?

    8. How many floors per building?

    9. How many rooms will need installation?

    10. What is the product distribution per room? (Item & Quantity)

    11. The property will provide access to the following: (Check all that apply)
    A service elevatorA dumpster to dispose of trashA staging/storage area with the capacity to hold all the new product being deliveredLodging accommodations for the installation crew (two double rooms is standard)
    12. The property will provide access to the following: (Check all that apply)
    TVs will be installed on their baseTVs will be installed on brackets. Provide bracket type (Flat, Tilt, Etc.) under the "Other" section. (Additional cost required)Other
    13. Old TV Removal / Liquidation: (Check-off what applies)
    N/AOld TV RemovalOld TV's are wall mounted.Old TV's are secured to furnitureLiquidation is needed Provide the model numbers and quantity under the "Other" sectionOther
    14. Will a server be installed?

    Michael CastnerRFQ – TV Installation