Samsung Hospitality TV

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What is a Samsung hospitality TV?

A Samsung hospitality TV is a television display that was manufactured by Samsung specifically to be used in hotel rooms and common areas. Samsung HTVs have special features required in a hotel setting. One of the most important features of hospitality TVs is the security settings. Such as lockout capabilities to avoid guests from tampering with the settings and volume control limiters to avoid guests from disturbing neighbors. Another key feature is that they are compatible with technology solutions that allow content across hundreds of in-room displays to be managed from one central location.

What is the price of a Samsung hospitality TV?

The price of a Samsung hospitality TV depends entirely on the model of the television. A single Samsung television at consumer prices can range anywhere from $150 to over $1,000. Commerical/ Hospitality TVs sets are generally priced higher than consumer sets as they have more robust components that allow for longer wear and tear. This is why hospitality TVs have a minimum 2 year warranty which is a year longer than typical consumer sets. The price per unit depends on the amount of hospitality televisions ordered in bulk. More specifically, when you purchase your Samsung hospitality TVs from TWS Transworld, we leverage our volume pricing to get the most competitive price.

What is Pro:Idiom?

Pro:Idiom is a technology hotels and hospitality TVs implement in order to encrypt and protect the transmission of premium channels (such as, ESPN and Disney) to guests.

What is the difference between hospitality TV and normal TV?

The biggest difference is with the warranty. A warranty for a household TV will not cover its use in a commercial setting (hotel, retail store, etc), therefore, the cost of any issues and repairs under warranty must be paid for by the hotel. Additionally, hospitality TVs are designed specifically for prolonged use in a commercial setting.