January 12, 2023

Samsung vs. LG: Which Hospitality TV Is Best for You?

By Jeremy Pate
samsung vs lg

Television is an important part of the modern hospitality experience. Not only do televisions allow your guests to entertain themselves during their stay, but they also act as a crucial display space for critical advertisements and information.

However, hospitality televisions must be reliable enough to last for years, and not every TV works well for a hotel’s particular needs. Fortunately, purchasing your devices from the right brands can help you make the most of the investment.

Here, we’ll dive into the differences between two major television brands—Samsung and LG—and discuss how to choose the best hospitality TV for you. This basic information will make your decision easier.

The Importance of Selecting TVs Carefully

As we alluded to previously, not all televisions have the same level of quality and performance standards. Because of this, picking just any model for your hotel can lead to a decrease in guest satisfaction.

Smaller-brand TVs can result in low responsiveness and poor visual quality, frustrating hotel guests that simply want to enjoy their shows. You also run the risk of these devices breaking down quickly and spending more to replace them.

So, for the sake of maintaining a quality and consistent experience for your visitors and saving you money, it’s crucial that you mull over your options carefully. Fortunately, both LG and Samsung offer great products for the demanding hospitality world.

Samsung Televisions

When you think about entertainment technology, the chances are good that Samsung is one of the first brands that comes to mind. Since releasing its first television in 1998, this company has been expanding and perfecting the art of the private entertainment experience. They have a diverse selection of models, and each could be a great option for your hotel. This is a breakdown of what to expect when you buy from the Samsung brand.

Noteworthy Features

Samsung televisions have a wide variety of features you should know about when you’re weighing your options for your hotel.

For one, the brand excels at producing bright TVs for optimal daytime viewing. This way, your guests can effectively see their screens regardless of the light level in their room. Samsung TVs also have superior built-in audio capabilities and a great smart TV platform.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Generally, Samsung televisions are very versatile and provide good-to-excellent picture quality. Because of this, they’re a wonderful option for private rooms and amenity spaces like gyms. Also, their LED models are great for gaming, should your guests want to bring a gaming console from home or log into their cloud service.

However, it’s important to note though that these TVs have limited customization options in the settings. Because of this, the user interface may be a bit difficult for guests to navigate.

LG Televisions

The LG brand, on the other hand, is significantly older than Samsung. LG released its first television in 1966. Much like Samsung, this brand has also evolved over the years to become a powerhouse in the electronic industry. They’re a top choice for OLED and premium televisions alike. Here’s a breakdown of what they have to offer.

Noteworthy Features

LG TVs also have a slew of interesting features that could be useful in your hotel. Known for its dedication to innovation and customizability, this brand offers AI-assisted sound and image processing that make it easier to customize viewing preferences. LG TVs are capable of screen mirroring and feature compatibility with mobile devices. This way, you can easily display key information in the lobby or amenity areas and ensure that every TV displays the same thing.

Benefits and Drawbacks

LG is a quality brand that offers some of the best OLED models in the business. They’re incredibly user-friendly and have a premium sound system that makes watching movies an immersive experience.

However, the quality of these machines drops when you buy something other than their OLED model. Even the overall product lifespan drastically decreases with their standard LEDs.

Picking the Best TV for Your Needs

Now that you know some of the core differences between Samsung and LG models, it’s time to determine which hospitality TV is best for you. As we discussed, both brands have their own series of benefits and drawbacks when it comes to their performance in the hotel industry. So you should consider your particular hotel’s needs carefully when making your choice.

Generally, Samsung TVs make better entertainment centers for your guests because they allow for a premium watching experience up close. Between their sound quality and visual crispness, visitors can watch movies, play games, or catch up on their favorite TV shows with ease. The number of smart TV applications available also brings these TVs to the top of every hotel owner’s wish list.

Conversely, LG TVs may be better suited for distance viewing, often in the lobby or located near other hotel amenities. While they also feature an incredible viewing experience, their unique performance capabilities make them a better solution for back-end hotel management. This includes things like broadcasting announcements or playing advertisements in the background. Because these screens can sync up well, they make for a cohesive system of devices that clearly conveys key information to your team and guests.

Ultimately though, it will be up to you to decide which one will better suit your needs, as both brands are great solutions for any part of your hotel. So if you’re looking to make these critical upgrades to your facilities, you’re already on the right track.

The right televisions can make a large difference in the quality of your guests’ experience with your hotel. We at Transworld understand this, so we sell only the most reliable and impactful TVs for use in the hospitality industry. Our collection of LG and Samsung hospitality TVs gives you plenty of options for you to pick from depending on your needs. We also carry several different sizes to accommodate any type of space. Contact us or browse our selection online today for products that you know will perform well.

Samsung vs. LG: Which Hospitality TV Is Best for You?