With the partnership between Transworld and Groove, we now provide Casting

Casting services

As the popularity of on-demand streaming platforms grows, Transworld has partnered with Groove to offer casting services to a variety of hospitality businesses. This allows your guests to easily cast content from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video directly to in-room televisions. Here are some key benefits of offering casting:

  • Enhances Guest Experience – Allows guests to access familiar, comfortable entertainment from subscriptions they already pay for, creating a home-like setting
  • Avoids Expensive Hardware Upgrades – No need to overhaul in-room televisions or entertainment; works over existing WiFi/TVs
  • Easy to Implement – Software and technology integrate simply into existing systems

Ideal for:

  • Hotels, Motels, & Resorts
  • College Dorms & Student Housing
  • Senior Living & Healthcare
  • RV Parks & Campgrounds
  • Restaurants, Bars & Fitness Centers with Entertainment Zones

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