Get Paid to Upgrade

Get Paid to Upgrade

Embark on a seamless upgrade journey with Transworld’s latest offering—the “Get Paid to Upgrade” Program, tailored exclusively for our valued hospitality partners. 


Elevate your guests’ experience by transitioning to top-notch LG and Samsung hospitality TVs, and here’s the kicker – you get paid for making the switch! Our program simplifies the process of upgrading from your current TVs, regardless of the brand, allowing your establishment to stay at the forefront of entertainment technology without any additional expenses.

As part of this comprehensive program, Transworld takes care of the entire transition, including the responsible removal of your old hospitality TVs. With our liquidation service, we ensure these outdated devices are ethically handled, contributing to environmentally conscious practices. Not only does this benefit the planet, but it also frees up valuable space in your hotel. Additionally, this unique opportunity enhances your property’s appeal by integrating the latest technology, ensuring your guests enjoy a superior viewing experience.

And because we believe in providing end-to-end solutions, Transworld is pleased to offer professional installation services for your new hospitality TVs. Make the switch today and let Transworld redefine the entertainment landscape in your hotel, making it an experience your guests won’t forget.

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