FREE Hospitality TV Replacements

Swap It Out – Transworld’s Hotel TV FREE Replacement Program

Ships in 24 Hours!

Included with every Samsung Hospitality TV purchase is the Transworld fast TV exchange guarantee. With our exclusive offering, if a TV fails on your property we promise:

  • To provide a replacement of the same model or better
  • Our dedicated support team to provide the fastest turnaround time


Did a TV malfunction after a purchase with us? Here are the quick steps to get that replacement out as soon as possible:

  • Go to to report the defective unit to troubleshoot the issue. Make sure to note your case number.
  • If the issue is not resolved right away, then email the ticket number to our sales support team and we will send you a new TV on us.

Click here if you have purchased a Samsung TV with us through the Swap It Out program in need of replacement.

Terms and Conditions: Only valid on Samsung hospitality TVs. Transworld will exchange up to 2% of total TVs purchased per property. Replacement TVs will only be provided to the property where the TV failed. Minimum order quantity is 50 units. TVs must have been delivered after 1/1/18. Transworld will cover only technical defects for up to a year from the delivery date. Customer must obtain the Samsung case number and engage in troubleshooting prior to contacting Transworld. In order for replacement TV to be shipped in 24 hours, support team must receive ticket number before 2pm Eastern time during business hours. Any issues that are considered concealed or physical will not be covered by the Transworld Swap It Out Replacement Program. This program can be terminated at any time.

TransworldSwap it Out TV Replacement