Get Paid to Upgrade with Our Liquidation Services!

These days, TVs can’t be thrown out with the trash — they must be disposed of properly. Existing TVs are often forgotten about until the new TVs are nearly delivered, which leaves hotel management and integrators alike scrambling to figure out what to do with all that hardware.

With Transworld, we can pay you for your existing TVs and arrange to have them removed!

After answering a few questions, Transworld can provide you with a credit that can be used towards the purchase of your new TVs. Plus we’ll work out all the details to get the old sets packaged up and shipped off to their new home.

The condition of the old equipment is the key to how much a property can expect to be paid after the TV disposal. Larger and newer units are worth more and therefore are better candidates for liquidation. But even if the property’s TVs are too old or in poor condition to qualify for a payout, we can still help with the removal process.

So if you’d like to get paid to upgrade, reach out to us here and let us know:

  • What is the model number of the TVs you would like to liquidate or remove? Picture of model number from actual TV is required*
  • What is the quantity and location of the TVs to be liquidated or removed?
  • What is the available date for pickup of the TVs?
  • Would pickup of the TVs require multiple trips? If so, how many?
Michael CastnerGet Paid to Upgrade!