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Transworld has partnered with Groove to provide top-tier Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for various sectors, including hotels, student housing, and senior living. By combining Transworld’s exceptional installation, service, and support with Groove’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, we offer an unbeatable blend of affordability, simplicity, and superior connectivity. This powerful partnership enables us to flawlessly meet the diverse internet and Wi-Fi requirements of every client. Specializing in tailored high-speed Wi-Fi solutions across industries, we have the expertise and technology to ensure reliable connections for hotel guests, support bandwidth-heavy student users, and provide secure networks for medical devices. Our easy-to-use systems, affordable pricing, and dedicated customer service further set us apart in the Wi-Fi solutions sphere. Whether it’s keeping an entire hotel connected or outfitting senior living facilities with the connectivity they need, Transworld and Groove deliver exceptional internet and Wi-Fi tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

  1. Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience with Fast and Reliable WiFi
      • Fast speeds up to 100Mbps to support multiple devices
      • Over 99.99% uptime to avoid disruptions
      • Seamless login so guests can easily get online
      • Bandwidth management to prevent congestion during peak usage
      • Integrations with property management systems like Opera, Infor, CloudPM for guest support
  2. Improving Quality of Life Through Connectivity in Senior Living Communities
      • Resident apps for community news/events, transportation requests
      • Video call systems to stay in touch with family and staff
      • Smart home sensors for temperature regulation, safety alerts
      • Wearables for mobility tracking, medical alerts
      • Entertainment options like streaming movies/TV and video game systems
  3. Keeping Students Learning Online and In-Person
      • Fast WiFi throughout dorms, classrooms, and common areas
      • Network filtering and monitoring for safety
      • Portals for parents to control access
      • Secure access for visitors
      • Collaboration apps for group assignments
      • Technical support for connectivity issues
  4. Connecting Corporate Teams In and Out of the Office
      • Secure VPN access from any location
      • Web/video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams
      • Device flexibility to use phones, laptops, tablets
      • Chat platforms like Slack to stay aligned
      • Easy deployment of additional access points

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