MediaHub Active-TA-7630S-US-A03

Product Highlights

  • In-wall or desktop variants
  • Modular design for interface flexibility
  • Integration with STB (rs-232), Philips ITV (SmartPort) or passive
  • AV (composite, s-video and audio), PC (VGA and audio), Digital (HDMI) connections
  • USB passthrough and USB charging
  • 3 LED to indicate active input Product description
  • SKU: TA-7630S-US-A03
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TeleAdapts MediaHub Active Wall Mount solution allows for the relocation of guestroom audio/video connection ports to a more accessible and convenient location. With the proliferation of mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), portable DVD players, MP3 players, and Smartphone devices, guests often arrive at the hotel with all the technology they need.

The MediaHub Active Wall Mount allows guests to take full advantage of the IRES (in-Room EntertainmentSystem) by providing a simple connection hub for their devices.

Product Specifics

A Composite Audio/Video
B S-Video
C Mini Stereo Jack
F USB (5v) Power
Cables Included (all cables 11.5 ft/3.5 meters) RS-232/3.5mm serial port cable Requires these ports on TV: composite audio/video/ VGA & paired audio/ HDMI.
Dimensions 10.25” x 3.3”
Wall Cut-Out Dimensions 7.28” x 2.79”
Power Supply Power cord
Certifications CSA/ CE/ FCC certified

SKU: TA-7630S-US-A03

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 3 in