Ihome HiH33B Triple Display Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charging

Product Highlights

  • Front display plus 2 side displays with individual dimmer control
  • 2 USB ports on top of cabinet for convenient charging of mobile devices: 1 amp standard charging and 2.1 amp for rapid charging
  • Wake to buzzer
  • Easy-to-set alarm with printed instructions on cabinet
  • Single day alarm feature prevents unwanted alarms from sounding
  • Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures alarm wake time in case of power failures
  • Gentle Wake peacefully wakes guest with gently ascending alarm volume
  • Snooze button Auto-Set Features
  • Pre-set clock
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
  • Snooze/dimmer button controls 8 levels of display brightness on all displays
  • 12/24 hour time display modes
  • Back cover prevents tampering with time settings
  • Multi-function backlit negative LCD display with adjustable brightness
  • Clean contemporary design
  • Power adaptor (included)
  • Cabinet top instructions for ease of use
  • Download Spec Sheet

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With ihome’s triple display alarm clock radio, your guests never have to wonder what time it is while in the room. Time is displayed at the front and both sides of the unit. Concerned about brightness? With the dimmer control button, there’s 8 levels of display brightness that can be adjusted to their liking. Be at peace with ihome’s clock radio HiH33B automatic update for Daylight Savings. With Dual USB ports on top of the clock, guests can easily charge multiple devices. Gentle Wake peacefully wakes your guests with gently ascending alarm volume. Single Day Alarm feature prevents unwanted alarms from sounding. Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures alarm wake time in case of power failures. Easy to use instructions are printed on the cabinet for instant accessibility.

All of our clock radio features are user-friendly and contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of the guest’s stay, making their hotel rooms feel more like home. ihome has sold its products to virtually every major hotel chain around the world, including Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Disney, Wynn, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Omni Hotels, MGM Grand, and many others. Many of these hotels have acknowledged consumer confidence in the brand by featuring iHome products in their print ads, airport billboards, television commercials, online promos, room keys, etc.

Additional information

Weight 2.20 lbs
Dimensions 3.86 × 6 × 2.58 in