Amana PTH074G25AXXX DigiSmart 7K BTU Capacity, 2.5 kW Electric Heater – Hospitality PTACs & ACs

Product Highlights

  • Features

    • Quiet operation: STC of 28
    • Assembled in the USA for 30 years
    • Increased dehumidification capacity
    • 100% run-tested at our plant in Fayetteville, TN, for leaks
    • 7 5/8″ unit front depth: one of the shallowest silhouettes in the industry today
    • Removable condenser shroud allows easy access to enable regular cleaning of coils
    • Easy pull-out filters that are washable and easy to maintain
    • Filter dryer for sealed system refrigerant
    • 7-Button touch pad provides complete control to guests for in-room comfort while maintaining energy efficiency
    • Condensate dispersion system removes condensate from indoor cooling operation and evaporates it into the atmosphere through the condenser
    • Digismart front desk control & energy management software
    • Room freeze protection is activated when the unit senses temperatures of 40°F or below
    • Versatile style that blends into any room’s color scheme and décor
    • Easy to service with on-board led diagnostics
    • Digismart wireless remote thermostat is available
    • Remote temperature sensing for guest climate control
    • Extended heat pump heating down to as low as 24°F outdoor ambient temperature
    • Zero floor clearance allows unit to be installed flush to a finished floor
    • 30-second fan-off delay
    • Compressor lock-in prevents compressor short-cycling
    • Constant fan mode
    • Hidden ventilation control
    • High-pressure switch
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Amana – An Industry-Leading Brand
Raising the bar in PTAC Controls
Designed exclusively for Amana PTAC units, DigiSmart technology has dramatically raised the bar in PTAC controls. Your guests will appreciate its large, easy-to-read LED readout that allows them to check the temperature with a quick glance and, if desired, to change the setting to a specific temperature by pressing a button. The ability to select a precise temperature helps your guests avoid over-cooling their rooms, a situation that often occurs with knob-type controls, which are less precise.

What’s more, the DigiSmart Control Board offers many programmable features and self-diagnostics that help facility personnel better manage the care and maintenance of the PTACs in their facility and allow management to better control operating costs. One of these features is a “setback” program that senses whether or not a unit has been touched within a specific window of time. If the unit has not been touched, the system then concludes that the room in which the PTAC is located is vacant and begins setting the temperature back in three successive steps, thereby saving energy.

The most significant breakthrough in the PTAC industry, is the new DigiSmart Wireless Energy Management Suite that helps ensure that you minimize energy used in cooling your guest rooms when your guests are not in the room.

Enhance Room Value, Gain Control and Start Saving 35% on PTAC Energy Costs!
There are three key pieces to the DigiSmart Wireless Energy Management Suite: a Wireless Antenna, a Remote-Mounted Thermostat, and a combination Motion Sensor/Door Switch. When installed withan Amana brand PTAC, the system works as follows.

(1) Plug in the DigiSmart Antenna.
Once a technician plugs this small antenna into the DigiSmart control board, the unit is ready to communicate with the Thermostat and the Motion Sensor/Door Switch. And as you install these amazing DigiSmart antennae in all of the PTACs in your facility, they will form a network and begin to talk to one another.

(2) Set and Mount the DigiSmart Remote-Mounted Thermostat.
Simply push a button inside the thermostat to link it to the PTAC and mount the thermostat on the wall.

(3) Set and Mount the DigiSmart Occupancy Control.
A simple push of a button will link this device to the PTAC. Then just mount the DigiSmart Motion Sensor/Door Switch above the door, and the Amana brand’s proprietary software routines will begin working with this device to determine whether the room is occupied. While the guest is in the room, the PTAC maintains the selected temperature. When the guest is away, however, the energy management system sets the temperature back based on setback routines that you can determine yourself.

The new DigiSmart Wireless Energy Management Suite is an extremely valuable way for you to help control the energy used in your guest rooms, which can dramatically reduce your operating costs over time.


Width: 42 Inch
Depth: 21 1/2 Inch
Height: 16 1/16 Inch
Cooling Capacity (BTU): 7,700 BTU
Heating Capacity (BTU): 8,500 BTU
CFM Room Circulation: 290 CFM
Chassis Type: Thru the Wall
Wall Sleeve Included: No
Control Type: Digital
Remote Control Included: No
Plug Type: 6-15P, 6-20P, 7-20P

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Dimensions 42 × 16.125 in
BTU Rating


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