GE Zoneline Dry Air 12K BTU, 230/208V-AZ45E12DAP

Product Highlights

  • Removes 20-35% more moisture from the air than standard GE packaged terminal air conditioners
  • Dehumidifies air in less time than standard Zoneline models
  • Maintains comfort at slightly higher room temperatures: Helps reduce operating costs, Provides comfort without over-cooling
  • Corrosion treatment is standard
  • Heat pipe is a separate sealed refrigerant system: No mechanical parts, No special maintenance required
  • Helps maintain lower relative humidity in rooms
  • Best suited for humid climates
  • Current model AZ45E12DAP replaces AZ25E12DAP, AZ28E12DAP, AZ29E12DAP, AZ41E12DAP
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Zoneline with dry air was designed to help with humidity that can creep into rooms. Proven to remove about 20%-35% more moisture from the air than standard air conditioners, therefore making the GE Zoneline with dry air 12K BTU with 230/208V perfect for high humidity climates. The dry air PTAC has the same functions and aesthetics just as any Zoneline PTAC including its efficiency in compliance with ASHRAE requirements. Known as the industry’s quietest PTAC, GE Zoneline features a baked-on mastic barrier which covers the back of the unit for ultimate sound insulation.

GE Zoneline PTACs and PTHPs are the most energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems available for hotels, motels, resorts, nursing homes and hospitals. GE’s through-the-wall air conditioners are built-in and offer a better weather barrier than traditional air conditioning units. In addition GE Zoneline models have clean lines, smooth curves and also contemporary designs to complement any guest room decor. The Zoneline packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps were designed with your bottom line in mind and offer the most reliable solutions for lodging comfort.

All GE Zoneline Dry Air models come equipped with:

    • DIgital LED Display
    • Variable Vent Control
    • Cross Flow Blower
    • Two DC fan Motors
    • Smart Fan Cooling
    • Heat and Freeze Sentinel
    • Remote Thermostat Capability


Product Specifics

Cooling BTUH 11200/11000
EER(BTU/Watt) 11.5/11.5
Dehumidification Pts/Hr 4.2
Refrigerant type R-410A
C.F.M. indoor fan high 360
C.F.M. indoor fan low 270
Vent CFM (full open) 44
Power factor 98%
Sensible heat ratio@ 230 volts 54%
Watts 970/960
Cooling Amperes F.L. 4.4/4.7
Amperes L.R. 29.5
Weight (Net/Ship) 112/122

Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 42 × 16 in
BTU Rating