Amana AVLWP01A-R VTAC Return Air Wall Panel, Right Hand Swing

Product Highlights

  • Acts as the access panel and return air grille.
  • A field-supplied 25″x20″x1″ filter can be mounted inside the hinged access door (filter not included).
  • The hinge bracket allows for return air openings high or low on the door for optimum sound attenuation.
  • Best sound attenuation on size 09/12/18 VTACs is achieved with the door hinge on the right side and return air openings high on the door.
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Access Panel/Return Air Grille
Access/Return Air Panels are insulated for sound reduction. The Louvered Access/Return Air Panel (AVLQP01A-R) includes a left hinged access door giving you easy access to the filter with the return air grille low on the door. A 25″ x 20″ field supplied filter is mounted on the interior side of the door.

Access/Return Air Panels are available with the hinge on the left or right side. It is recommended that the hinge be on the right side for 9,000 / 12,000 / 18,000 BTU units with the return air openings high on the door. This door has a right-hand swing with left-hand lock. The kit contains a hinge bracket for mounting the door with the return air openings high or low on the door for optimal sound attenuation.

The door is H 58″ x W 29″ with cutouts of H 55.75″ x W 27″.

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