LG 40″ LT340H Series 40LT340H Commercial Lite TV – Hospitality TVs

Product Highlights



  • USB Cloning
  • Lock Mode
  • Self Diagnostics
  • USB Auto Playback+
  • Multi IR
  • Welcome Screen

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The LT340H commercial TV series provides hotels with a cost-effective, reliable TV solution that has been designed to operate as a ‘two-piece solution’, i.e. with an external set top box. The LT340H series delivers crisp, clear images through energy-efficient LED technology.

Clone all Public Display TVs with astonishing speed and ease. The USB cloning feature allows you to simply copy and transfer TV settings from a designated Master TV to all Target TVs using a USB memory device. Lock Mode blocks external input signals with non-compliant content. This is a useful feature for preventing misuse of TVs in public spaces. The LT340H commercial TV stores diagnostic data, which can be saved to a USB memory device, thus enabling service engineers to analyze the data and identify technical issues quickly and easily.

Create a media playlist of your choosing (video, music, and/or images), save it to a USB memory device, and then simply connect the USB memory device to the TV to stream your playlist sequentially. Multi IR allows for the use of unique IR codes based on “bed number” in a multi-TV single room installation.

Display a warm greeting message with your hotel name and its logo on the LT340H LG Hospitality TV when it is turned on. The welcome screen provides an inviting, personalized experience for your guests.

Whenever guests find comfortable accommodations that suit their needs, LG Hotel TVs have been a part of leaving a positive impression. LG’s continuing commitment towards achieving the highest standard of excellence enables us to deliver the best solutions and products in the industry.

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