LG 50” UR567H9 Series Pro:Centric Direct Hospitality UHD TV w/ NanoCell Display – Hospitality TVs

Product Highlights

  • NanoCell Display Panel
  • Pro:Centric® Hotel Management Solution (Direct)
  • Pro:Idiom (SW Type, Mobile Media)
  • Commercial Swivel Stand
  • EzManager
  • USB Data Cloning

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LG Pro:Centric Direct Hospitality UHD TV with NanoCell Display – 50UR567H9

What is NanoCell TV?

LG’s advanced NanoCell IPS display applies nanometer-sized particles
(compared to Quantum Dot) to the screen’s LED, allowing for the
absorption of excess light wavelengths, greatly enhancing the
intensity and purity of on-screen colors. LG’s IPS screen technology
delivers beautiful images over a wide viewing angle.

Vivid Nano Color

NanoCell technology uses nano (approximately 1mm) particles to
absorb certain wavelengths and expand the overall color gamut for
vivid, lifelike color reproduction.

Nano Bezel Adds Sophisticated Ambiance

LG’s NanoCell display has a minimal Nano Bezel, which allows it to blend into any interior while delivering an immersive viewing experience.

LG webOS 6.0 Delivers More Innovation and Enhancements

LG’s webOS version 6.0 provides significant improvements over previous versions, including technology and performance enhancements that
can deliver a better overall viewing experience.

4K Resolution with Lifelike Color

LG’s 4K NanoCell display delivers an outstanding viewing experience, thanks to its nanoparticle technology that reveals a broad color spectrum
and lifelike image reproduction. Nano Accuracy technology enables seamless, smooth motion with low input lag over a wide viewing angle. This
display also features Pro:Centric® and Pro:Idiom®/Pro:Idiom M ttechnologies.


EZ-Manager provides a convenient installation function to
automatically choose settings for the Pro:Centric TV without any
extra configuration.

USB Data Cloning

For fast and easy configuration of multiple TVs, create a Master TV
Setup on one TV and then export the setup “clone” file to a USB
memory device. Use the USB device to easily import the setup to
other TVs of the same model.

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