Monogram Electric Cooktops

Product Highlights

  • 3,700-watt 11″ element provides instant and incredibly powerful heat across 19 different cooking settings
  • Digital Pan-sensing technology detects the presence of cookware with magnetic properties, a requirement for induction cooking.
  • Warm setting provides just enough heat to maintain an ideal serving temperature
  • Timer, control-lock capability and hot-surface indicator provide an extra measure of convenience and safety
  • Flexible installation above a Monogram single wall oven is made possible by a shallow-depth configuration with integrated cooling system.
  • Digital touch activated controls are identified by simple graphics printed on the glass cooking surface.
  • Pan sensors select either a small or large element, depending on the size of the pan. If the pan is removed for more than a minute, the sensor will automatically shut off the element.
  • Hand-finished knob controls rotate with smooth precision, making it easy to select heat settings.


Whether you’re a dabbler or devotee of gourmet cooking, Monogram offers a cooktop to satisfy your culinary inclination. Culinary artistry finds perfect expression in the Monogram cooktop collection. For stunning evidence, look to our new induction cooktops, which captivate with magnetic presence and performance. The sleek, shallow-depth configuration integrates smoothly with any decor, and powerful induction elements deliver the responsiveness of gas cooking. Digital electronic cooktops with rapid Hi/Lo elements also offer exceptional style and precision.

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