Monogram Professional Outdoor Grills

Product Highlights

  • 23,000 BTU, ceramic-infrared searing burner delivers the high radiant heat needed to crisp and caramelize the outside of foods, lacking in natural juices and flavors. temperature can be quickly adjusted to achieve the right degree of doneness.
  • Ceramic-infrared rotisserie burner allows you to slow-roast lamb, pork and other meats to succulent perfection. Stainless steel spit rod and claws included.
  • Ample grilling space is provided by a primary grate surface and retractable warming shelf. Both surfaces are made of stainless steel and are designed for even heat distribution.
  • Integrated illumination includes red LED lights above knob controls, along with interior halogen lighting of nighttime grilling.
  • Thoughtful storage areas on free-standing models allow you to easily organize and compartmentalize grill accessories, such as the spit rod, claws, smoker box and other supplies.
  • Side burners- A pair of 15,000-BTU sealed side burners offers additional space for preparing pasta or boiling water. The burner grates are uniquely contoured on one side to hold woks.
  • Stainless steel drawers glide open with ease, providing convenient access to grilling necessities.


The joy of outdoor cooking turns into pure exhilaration with a new Monogram professional grill. Choose from free-standing and built-in gas configurations in a range of sizes, all designed with the same exceptional quality and attention to detail that distinguish Monogram professional appliances for the kitchen.

Outdoor cooking becomes all the more satisfying with new Monogram grills, which make it possible to sear, saute, roast, warm, smoke and even stir-fry with remarkable precision. All models are designed with a professional, 304-grade stainless steel exterior and are available in a selection of built-in and free-standing configurations. A choice of accessories adds convenience and versatility, allowing you to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

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