Striking Out with Digital Signage

5 Reasons why consumer panels won’t work for your digital signage needs.

Tough Enclosures: Commercial screens can be placed anywhere and are made to withstand the elements like dust, grease, high heat or even water.

A Variety of Inputs: To maximize your impact, commercial digital signage uses require numerous amounts of inputs for networks and media players. Consumer screens are typically made to accommodate one piece of external hardware i.e. a DVD player.

Built to Last: The average household may turn on their consumer grade screen from one to eight hours a day. As for digital signage displays, many deployers demand 12-15 hours a day and sometimes the screens are used 24/7.

Robust Warranties: A consumer product’s warranty is typically only good for a year, and may even be voided out if the product is used more than four to six hours a day. Commercial grade units have a warranty that lasts up to three years.

Extra Features: Commercial grade screens have a variety of extra features like the ability to perform in landscape or portrait OR cooling systems to prevent overheating.

Michael CastnerStriking Out with Digital Signage