Hotel TVs

From hotels to nursing homes to apartment complexes, hospitality television solutions are at the core of private entertainment. That is why we at Transworld are dedicated to providing your facility with the best possible hotel TVs. We offer a wide variety of different hotel TV systems, each with their own selection of premium features and superior performance capabilities. We also carry hospitality TVs of varying sizes to ensure we have something that can match your spatial needs. Choose from our collection of 32-inch displays for smaller areas or evoke feelings of luxury with a breathtaking 98-inch viewing experience. No matter what you need for your business, we’re sure to have just the thing. Browse our quality hotel TVs below to learn more.

What is a hospitality television?
Hospitality television is a type of commercial grade television with features that support a hotel’s TV system. Depending on the type of television system the hotel may have and how the is the in-suite television content is presented in guest rooms, there are 4 different categories of hotel televisions that can function in a hotel TV system: Basic (Non-Pro:idiom), Pro:idiom, b-LAN and Smart TVs.

What is Pro:Idiom?
Pro:Idiom is a unique technology that hotels and hospitality TVs implement in order to encrypt and protect the transmission of premium channels (such as, ESPN and Disney) to guests. This is part of anti-piracy protection for the content guests watch during their stay.

What is the price of a hospitality TV?
The price of a hospitality TV depends entirely on the model of the television. A single television at consumer prices can range anywhere from $150 to over $1,000. Commericial / Hospitality TVs sets are generally priced higher than consumer sets as they have more robust components that allow for longer wear and tear. This is why hospitality TVs have a minimum 2 year warranty which is a year longer than typical consumer sets. The price per unit depends on the amount of hospitality televisions ordered in bulk. More specifically, when you purchase your hospitality TVs from TWS Transworld, we leverage our volume pricing to get the most competitive price.

What is the difference between hospitality TV and normal TV?
The biggest difference is with the warranty. A warranty for a household TV will not cover its use in a commercial setting (hotel, retail store, etc), therefore, the cost of any issues and repairs under warranty must be paid for by the hotel. Additionally, hospitality TVs are designed specifically for prolonged use in a commercial setting.

What is the difference between a hospitality TV and a Smart TV?
Hospitality TVs are made to connect to hotel TV systems, so that hotel managers can customize and tailor the entertainment and information on the television for their guests. Additionally, hospitality TVs have some form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent illegal activity, such as piracy.

Is a hospitality TV a Smart TV?
Hospitality TVs provide much more for guests than television channels and apps for entertainment. They are directly connected to hotel television systems designed to optimize the guest experience, hotel branding and informational communications. This includes content provided to guests, ordering items from room service, and controlling lights in the room.

Samsung 55″ NT670 Series 4K UHD Non-Smart Hospitality TV, LYNK DRM Only – HG55NT670UFXZA

LG 43″ UN560H Series Essential Commercial TV with 4K Active HDR – 43UN560H

LG 55″ AN960H Series 4K UHD OLED Hotel Smart TV with Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solutions – 55AN960H