Hotel Smart TV

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Smart TV displays are some of the best options for optimizing and improving the experience in your hotel. Whether you install them in the rooms or in your lobby, hotel smart TVs allow you to display several forms of media with fewer wires and connectivity requirements. Hotel smart TV solutions also give your facility a sleek and modern appearance, keeping everything up to date and technologically advanced. Choose from a diverse range of screen sizes between 32 and 75 inches. Each of these commercial smart TVs come from a reputable brand, ensuring that you get a device that will perform well for you. Browse our collection of hotel smart TVs for a premium model that best complements your facilities.


What is a hospitality television?

Hospitality television is a type of commercial grade television with features that support a hotel's TV system. Depending on the type of television system the hotel may have and how the is the in-suite television content is presented in guest rooms, there are 4 different categories of hotel televisions that can function in a hotel TV system: Basic (Non-Pro:idiom), Pro:idiom, b-LAN and Smart TVs.

What is the price of a hospitality smart TV?

The price of a hospitality smart TV depends entirely on the model of the television. A single smart television at consumer prices can range anywhere from $200 to over $1,000. Commericial / Hospitality smart TVs sets are generally priced higher than consumer sets as they have more robust components that allow for longer wear and tear. This is why hospitality smart TVs have a minimum 2 year warranty which is a year longer than typical consumer sets. The price per unit depends on the amount of hospitality televisions ordered in bulk. More specifically, when you purchase your hospitality smart TVs from TWS Transworld, we leverage our volume pricing to get the most competitive price.

What is the difference between hospitality TV and normal TV?

The biggest difference is with the warranty. A warranty for a household TV will not cover its use in a commercial setting (hotel, retail store, etc), therefore, the cost of any issues and repairs under warranty must be paid for by the hotel. Additionally, hospitality TVs are designed specifically for prolonged use in a commercial setting.