Two-way communication makes better guest experience.

The better the communication with guests, the better the guest experience. In an age where hotels are trying to differentiate themselves through premium experiences, yet are faced with real-world budgets and in-place infrastructures, Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 is a welcome solution.

Personalized full-stay service

Existing IPTV infrastructures can be maximized by LYNK REACH 4.0. Two-way communication offers guests the personalized attention they expect from a luxury hotel. During check-in, the hotel’s servers transfer guest data to LYNK REACH 4.0 and enable hotel managers to tailor and share messages with each guest, ranging from restaurant reservation lists to event information. As guests check out, the in-room display provides a comprehensive review of accumulated charges and conveniently offers express checkout, including synchronized pay approval, so guests don’t have to visit the lobby to close out their stay.

User-friendly application and settings

Hotels with existing IPTV infrastructures can leverage LYNK REACH 4.0 to deliver a customized package of social media, entertainment and content viewing applications to individual displays. This customized package can be based on guests’ specific interests, so guests can enjoy the same type of programs on their Samsung room display as they would on their own personal devices. These customized applications and settings can easily be activated or deactivated as needed.

Upgrading your guest rooms with Smart TVs can impact many aspects of your hotel, especially hotel operations and customer satisfaction. The Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 and H-Browser content management solutions offer specialized capabilities to give guests customized viewing options. Hotels that adopt this technology now will be leaders in the industry, but those that wait will quickly find themselves behind the curve

Remote TV management. The days of having to visit each room individually to make adjustments to televisions are over. You can now manage all televisions remotely and perform all administrative tasks from a central location.

Real-time facility and event. Instead of having a dry listing of events in the lobby or generic facility information on an information channel, Smart TVs can include real-time information that allows you to increase revenue. If you see that reservations are down in a restaurant for the evening, you can begin promoting that restaurant and even include a coupon code on your Smart TVs.

TransworldTwo-way communication makes better guest experience.