December 13, 2022

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Hotel Guest Experience

By Jeremy Pate

Technology has become a core part of our lives at home. As such, it’s only natural that these devices would also impact our experiences while traveling. With each new advancement, the hospitality industry evolves to meet the needs of guests. As a result, we have hotels today that can provide superior accommodations. These are five ways technology can improve hotel guest experience and why you should consider upgrading your own facilities.


Modern booking and self check-in systems make waiting in line a thing of the past. With these automated devices, guests can immediately find their reservation and check in. Not only does this save them time, but it also streamlines the process for your welcoming staff. Visitors can get on with their day, and your team can spend more time catering to other needs.


With crisp displays adorning your lobbies, you can make it easier to convey important announcements to your guests. Whether there are scheduled pool closures for maintenance or specific hours for complimentary breakfast, you can tell visitors all they need to know with a glance. This way, they can work around those specifications to best fit them into their day.


Better screens also improve the entertainment experience in your hotel rooms. Large and high-resolution TVs make it easy for guests to get into a favorite movie or television show. If you choose to install smart TVs, you can make it possible to even watch online videos or find a show on demand. No matter what a guest’s preferences are, these displays can accommodate their entertainment needs.


Another way that technology can improve the hotel guest experience is by providing travelers with more control over their room’s climate. PTAC units are fully integrated climate solutions that allow guests to heat and cool their rooms as they like. They work independently of one another and, as such, provide optimal control.


Above all, modern technology makes it easier for your hotel staff to gather information from guests about their stay. Short online surveys are quick and simple, making visitors more likely to leave you their thoughts upon checkout. You can then process their feedback and implement it to make for better experiences in the future.

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