October 5, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Hotel Technology Products

By Jeremy Pate
Artificial Intelligence Hotel Technology Products TWS Transworld

Artificial intelligence (AI) is simply using computers to do tasks that require cognitive function. This means computers do tasks like automation. Many leading hotel brands are using Artificial Intelligence in hotel rooms.

This article will look into what’s trending and what guests can expect from hotel technology with artificial intelligence. But first, let’s learn how AI is being used in the hotel industry.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in the Hotel Industry?

Hotel owners are warming up to AI Due to its ability to carry out human functions at a better rate at any time of the day. AI helps hotels to deliver superior services, save money and eliminate human error.

The following are some examples of hotel technology with artificial intelligence;

  • Hotels are using AI concierges to helps guests check in and out and order room service, among other services. These AI concierges free front desk personnel enabling them to provide quality service to physically present guests
  • Other forms of AI include chatbot translators that translate languages instantaneously and manage guest inquiries. Some chatbots also have additional features such as confirming bookings and onsite restaurant renovations
  • Other AI tools like Passkey use smart technology to improve the check-in experience and organize related booking departments. Such technologies improve the guest experience making it easy for guests to book hotel rooms and extend their stays

Now that you’ve learned how AI is used in the hotel industry. Let’s see a few examples of Artificial Intelligence in hotel rooms.

Hotel Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Hospitality TVs

Hospitality TVs are televisions designed to be used in places like hotels and public facilities.

The following are some of the top hospitality TVs;

Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV features a modern frame-look design that looks like the frame of a painting. You can customize this TV to display beautiful works of art when turned off.

Its best feature? Energy savings. It has motion sensors that turn it off when nobody is around and turn it back on when a guest is nearby. It also senses light enabling it to adjust automatically to the surrounding light to display clear artwork.

Samsung TVs

Samsung hospitality TVs have top features like energy savings and easy content management with a feature called Samsung LYNK REACH. Your guests get quality content that’s protected by Samsungs content decryption technology.

They also have volume control limiters to stop your guests from disturbing other guests.


LG hospitality TVs have popular features like lockout capabilities to prevent guests from tampering with preset settings. They also have LG smart TV features like voice recognition, welcome screen, and DRM technology to provide access to quality content for your guests.


Ketra Lighting

Ketra is owned by Lutron, a top brand in the lighting space. Ketra technologies feature lighting controls and shades that enable seamless control of daylight and electric light.

Ketra solves lighting and control challenges helping you saving time and money while your guests enjoy a beautiful space with customizable lights.

Lutron Shade

Lutron light control products are made for anyone who desires a customizable well-lit place. Lutron products come in all shapes and sizes, from individual dimmers to entire light management systems that can control your hotel’s lighting.

You can operate the individual dimmers from a mobile device or universal remote control to provide your guests with a cozy atmosphere at the touch of a button.


Sonos Smart Speakers

Sonos smart speakers have powerful AI tools like Google Assistant to help you control your music, set alarms, and get news by simply using your voice. The smart speakers are also rust-proof, meaning they can be placed anywhere, even in the bathroom. Guests can now listen to music and do a host of other tasks anywhere in their hotel rooms.

Air Conditioning

GE Zoneline Cool and Electric Heating

Zoneline Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) connects to smart TVs to provide heating and cooling. These ACs are some of the quietest PTACs, due to a mastic barrier covering the back of the unit for sound insulation.

GE Zoneline PTACs are also energy-efficient. Finally, their design features smooth curves and clean lines to complement your guest rooms.

Verdant Energy Management Thermostat

Verdant Thermostats have top features like the occupancy sensor that enables energy-saving features when guest rooms are unoccupied. The thermostats use smart technology to enable you to control them remotely via built-in wireless mesh networking. Furthermore, you can customize settings to fit any situations you might have.

Artificial Intelligence Hotel Technology Products Wrapping Up

In this article, you’ve learned about how Artificial Intelligence is being applied in the hotel industry. You’ve seen examples such as AI concierges and AI chatbot translators.

Also, you’ve learned of hotel technology with artificial intelligence features such as hospitality TVs that enable guests to view hotel information.

Customer service and guest experience are what make and break hotels. However, with Artificial Intelligence, the hotel industry can vastly improve customer service and guest experiences. Are you ready for AI to improve your next hotel experience?