Avoid noise complaints by looking out for these PTAC features

One of the most annoying sounds that can either prevent you from falling asleep or waking up to is the rattling of an AC unit. As one of the biggest complaints made by guests, the loud noise coming from the AC unit will not only give them nightmares, but also the staff with all the complaints that arise from it. Although some brands may claim they have a quiet unit, what stands the test of time are the components that the Package Terminal AC ( PTAC) is built with. Do you know what parts make the difference? Revealed below is what you should look out for to know what will provide a good night’s sleep to your guests:

Baked on Mastic Barrier and Weather Barrier System:

The back of all GE Zoneline PTACS are equipped with a heavy, thickly coated cover for ultimate sound insulation. In addition to the this superior barrier, GE PTACs also have a weather barrier system seal around the barrier to not only keep out unwanted elements but also block any additional noise that can slip through from outside.

Blower and DC Motors:

Two DC motors coupled with a large cross blower helps to provide the right amount of airflow needed for each cooling and heating function creating a balance sound that is hardly noticeable.

Isolation Grommets:

Think of how with time the vibration of the blower and fans running will cause rattling from the screws loosening. A rubber grommet helps to avoid this issue as it will absorb the vibration and alleviate the noise that can arise without it.

Each of these components help to minimize the sound the unit makes. All together these features promote the quietest PTAC available on the market at the moment.


TransworldAvoid noise complaints by looking out for these PTAC features