May 5, 2017

The Growing Need of Digital Communication

By Jeremy Pate
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The preference to communicate online is growing strong. Whether it’s due to a language barrier, shyness or just too busy- avoiding human contact is easier now more than ever. In a recent poll by Ikea, about 68% of people prefer communicating online.  Businesses have to have to be aware of this trend to adapt properly and not miss out on potential revenue.

Implementing technology is now a necessity for digital communication. The Adobe Travel Report showed that 52% of people go mobile to find information while traveling. Despite holding great potential for increasing guest satisfaction and revenue, online communication tends to overlooked at times by hoteliers.

There are 2 main methods to help you reach your guests in a digital world, email and chat.

First impression is probably an email

Many guests book through online travel agencies and the chances of them seeing a hotel’s website over the confirmation email is slim. Emails must be aesthetically up to date, branded and tested. Make sure to keep it short and informative. About 60% of people read email from their phone and if it’s too long interest will be lost. Lastly use it for upselling, a room is already booked by your guest so why not see if they would like any additional services or upgrades.

Meet the 24 hour receptionist

Imagine an automated messenger where your guests can ask questions and order services that provides programmed answers to those repetitive questions guests will tend to ask. That’s a chatbot and they are popping up and being testing in big hotel chains such as Starwood. Using a familiar interface such as facebook messenger couple with 2 way communication, the chatbot can ask for feedback or remind them the start of an event or promotion- who wouldn’t want to know when happy hour starts?

Start engaging with your guests before they even arrive to the hotel. Digital communication is what will reach them first.