May 5, 2021

Discover the Key Features of the Hotpoint PTAC

By Jeremy Pate
Hotpoint PTAC Heat Pump Unit with Electric Heat Backup 230 Volt Hosptality PTAC AH11H07D3B TWS e1685334860750

Hotpoint saw its beginnings in 1903, when it was named after the heating element convergence in the tip of its electric iron designed to easily navigate buttonholes, ruffles, and pleats. The company merged with General Electric in 1918 to become the Hotpoint brand of appliances. Over the past century, Hotpoint has led the appliance industry with a series of new inventions and innovations.

Today, Hotpoint has continued to lead the industry by building on its extensive history of delivering long-lasting, high-performing appliances for both personal and commercial use – all at an affordable price. Many hoteliers trust Hotpoint as their go-to brand for packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) as they know each unit was designed with guest comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Hotpoint’s cost-effective PTAC range offers best-in-class durability and convenience.


  • Quick and simple installation: Hotpoint includes everything you need to swiftly and easily install each unit, including the power cord (LCDI).
  • Straightforward control panel: Each Hotpoint PTAC offers an accessible display panel that enables guests to customize their experience by selecting their preferred settings. By ensuring the display is intuitive and easy to use, these units help limit calls for assistance or maintenance.
  • Additional control options: Granting you and your guests more flexibility and convenience, Hotpoint PTACs are compatible with remote thermostats and work with central desk control systems.
  • Emergency support: You can ensure your guests stay comfortable with these features when emergencies hit:
    • Automatic emergency heat: When necessary, this heating feature automatically activates electric resistance heat in heat-pump mode.
    • Auto power recovery: If the power goes out, this feature makes sure that every unit automatically starts up right where it left off when power is restored. This helps you avoid the hassle of servicing all the units at once to get them running again after an outage.
  • Quiet, versatile fans: The tangential fan creates a smooth air flow while the 3-speed fan control gives guests the ability to select their preferred setting.
  • 4-temperature limiting options: Boost efficiency and enhance guest comfort by selecting one of these four preset temperature ranges.
  • Easy maintenance: A self-diagnostic system displays nine-point codes to help you instantly pinpoint specific service issues. The filters can be removed easily to expedite maintenance.
  • Protective features: Solutions like automatic freeze and indoor frost control ensure that your Hotpoint PTAC units continually operate in top form.
  • Other benefits: Some Hotpoint PTAC heat-pump models may include staged heating and energy-efficient functions.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward PTAC solution to meet your hospitality standards, then explore the different Hotpoint PTAC specifications here, or get in touch with us today.