March 1, 2023

Tips for Maintaining Hotel Room PTAC Units

By Jeremy Pate
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Packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) are the single-room units many hotels use to maintain room temperatures. These units are different from the central air conditioning units most of us use to cool our homes, so you may be unfamiliar with them. Here are some tips for maintaining your hotel room PTAC units to keep them running smoothly.


The first step for maintaining your PTAC units is to check and clean their air filters regularly. Air filters can become dirty and clog faster than you may think. If your filters are blocked with too much dust and debris, they can impact the PTAC units’ performance and energy use, and lead to other complications. Check your air filters at least once a month to ensure they’re in good condition. When they start to acquire dust, remove the filters and vacuum or clean them with a mild detergent. If they’re still dirty after cleaning, you may need to invest in new filters.


PTAC units have parts that are exposed indoors and outdoors. To promote optimal performance, you’ll need to clean the indoor- and outdoor-facing parts. Dust and debris can get trapped in the air vents, which can lead to inferior performance and air quality. Use a vacuum or cleaning solution on PTAC parts at least once per month or as needed. These cleaning habits will also give your units a better appearance and help maintain your hotel rooms’ cleanliness.


Finally, keep a maintenance log of all services and repairs your PTAC units receive. This will help you estimate future maintenance needs and stay on track with repairs and upkeep. Additionally, you can record service costs. If your maintenance log shows that your hotel’s units are needing increased repairs and maintenance is becoming more costly, you may want to consider upgrading your units or replacing them with new versions of the same model.

Remember these tips for maintaining your hotel room PTAC units as we enter the warmer months of the year. If you’re looking for replacement PTAC AC units or services for your hotel, browse Transworld’s website today. We offer new models and replacement services for hotels and other hospitality businesses.