July 14, 2017

The Ultimate Streaming Experience

By Jeremy Pate
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Imagine walking into your hotel room and being able to connect from your phone to the TV to stream anything you want- instant access to your favorite entertainment apps without having to login using the remote control. This heavenly convenience is now available in the hospitality setting via a Google Chromecast called ROOMCAST. Providing guests with the ultimate streaming experience, they can watch their favorite content just as they would at home.

​The best part is that there are no contract or content fees! Choose to try in 1 room, outfit only the suites, or the entire hotel. Room Cast is a 2 step solution for hotels that requires no head-end equipment, server, or software to install. It’s that simple.


  1. Plug in the HDMI, ethernet, and power
  2. Set the Room number into the setup screen and whitelist the MAC address
  3. DONE- The room is ready to start casting.

Built as a hospitality solution, Roomcast has device isolation so that guests can only stream to their TVs. Accessing their favorite content has never had a more safe and secure way until now. Now is the time to future-proof your hotel with in-room entertainment to provide your guests with a familiar at-home experience.