February 17, 2023

What Causes Hotel TVs To Lose Connection?

By Jeremy Pate
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Every hotel staff knows the frustration of dealing with poor TV connections. When your hospitality televisions don’t function properly, guests will be quick to complain, leading to headaches on both sides. You might be wondering what causes hotel TVs to lose connection in the first place. Here is a walkthrough of some troubleshooting issues and tips to get your televisions back online for your guests.

Poor Installation

The simplest reason behind hotel TVs losing connection is poor initial installation. If the product team confuses plug-ins, provides loose wire connections, or completely skips steps during the installation, any of these mistakes could result in poor or lost connection. This is why you should always hire an installer with years of experience and trustworthy testimonials. And be sure to contact your installer if you run into consistent signal issues with any of your models.

Inclement Weather

Some hotel room TVs use satellite or cable connections to provide programming for guests. Satellite and cable programming can experience interruptions based on certain conditions, such as the weather. If your hotel’s location often experiences heavy rain, hail, wind, or other inclement weather patterns, it could disrupt your TV connection. While you can’t control how the weather affects your system, you can offer alternatives, such as streaming options, which use remote internet and Wi-Fi rather than local connections.

Wi-Fi Blockage

If your hotel provides smart appliances for its guests, you might offer streaming services and internet through your television systems. While these provide superior connectivity over satellite and cable, they are not without their own occasional connectivity issues. Sometimes, your hotel’s Wi-Fi signal simply won’t reach the furthest rooms on your property; this can lead to poor connection in certain rooms. Using a Wi-Fi signal booster can help strengthen your signal to provide additional coverage.

In your own hospitality setting, watch out for these main causes of hotel TV connection loss. When a service installs your hospitality TVs, you want to be able to trust that they are installed correctly the first time. Here at Transworld Services, we provide hotel TVs and installation services. Our support experts will provide thorough installations and follow-up if anything goes wrong with the connection.