May 5, 2023

How Hotels Can Reduce Energy Use With New PTAC Units

By Jeremy Pate
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You may not know it, but your hotel’s old appliances could be wasting energy and causing your electricity bills to rise. Updating in-room appliances such as PTAC units could differentiate between sky-high energy bills and an eco-friendly hotel model. Keep reading to learn more about how hotels can reduce energy use with new PTAC units and why you should consider upgrading your appliances.


You’ve likely heard of PTAC units (or packaged terminal air conditioners), whether you’re a long-time hotel owner or just opened your hospitality business. These systems are common in hotels and other hospitality businesses for their cost efficiency and ease of use. This functionality makes them ideal for use in buildings that need multiple units, especially when customers control them. They don’t require extension ductwork for central air, which can be an extensive and costly process. PTAC units are extremely popular for these benefits and more, including how they can help your business save energy.


Hotels and other hospitality services want to save energy for many reasons. First, reducing your business’s energy use can help save money on electricity and other bills. These savings can help you spread your budget to other parts of your business that need support. Additionally, reducing your energy use also reduces the size of your business’s carbon footprint and lessens its environmental impact. As more consumers become increasingly concerned about sustainability, it’s more important than ever to evaluate your business’s impact.


Reduced energy use is one of the biggest benefits of PTAC units, but how do they accomplish this? Here are some of the ways that this technology can help your business save energy while keeping your guests comfortable in the process.

More Efficient Heating and Cooling

By design, PTAC units offer more heating and cooling efficiency than other units. Modern PTAC models feature multiple temperature ranges and fan speeds to support more precise heating and cooling needs. Outdated units may run at full power constantly, which results in more energy use and uncomfortable conditions in your hotel rooms. If your heating and cooling systems are too powerful, they could waste unnecessary energy and overheat or freeze your rooms. For example, some PTAC units offer low, medium, and high fan speeds, which guests and management can also control. Other units may offer even more customization features for additional control.

Turn Off When Not Needed

In addition to temperature and fan settings, modern PTAC units often feature auto shut-down settings that help conserve energy. In most cases, you won’t need to run heaters or fans at full power when guests aren’t present. For this reason, many units employ motion detection and occupancy sensors to identify activity. After a certain amount of time, with no occupants nearby, the systems will power down or reduce their output to conserve energy usage. This way, these units won’t continue to heat or cool a room while no occupants are inside unless explicitly scheduled to do so.

Remote Thermostat Management

Remote management is another energy-saving feature of modern PTAC units. This feature allows hotel management to sync PTAC units remotely and program them from elsewhere in the building. Many units offer smartphone controls for quick and easy temperature, fan speed, and other adjustments. Some systems even offer central desk control systems, which allow you to sync your hotel’s PTAC units across your building for more control. This syncing is ideal for shutting down PTAC systems in rooms that don’t have occupants. Remote thermostat management systems help hotel workers ensure that no system runs in an unoccupied room.


Reduced energy usage is just one reason to upgrade your hotel’s old air conditioning and heating systems. Modern PTAC units can completely level up the modern feeling of your hotel rooms. Air conditioning systems and other appliances are often the first things to become outdated in hospitality spaces. Technology and appliances like these evolve quickly, resulting in rapidly obsolete products, applications, and systems. So, if you want your rooms to have a more modern appearance, start by upgrading your PTAC units and other appliances.

Modern PTAC units also help enrich the guest experience in smaller ways. Updated units are often much quieter than old, clunky units. This greater noise reduction makes it easier for guests to sleep and enjoy time in their hotel rooms. These appliances are also easier and more intuitive to operate as control panels evolve. As previously mentioned, new PTAC units give hotel managers and guests more control over their rooms’ temperature, providing more comfortable conditions.


After exploring energy savings through PTAC units, you might be wondering if there are other ways to reduce your business’s energy consumption. Hotels use a lot of energy to support their customers, but there are more ways to improve these processes and production. For example, you can use motion sensors and occupancy detection in other areas of your building. Combine motion-activated lighting in your rooms with PTAC occupancy sensors. Many guests forget to turn the lights off when they exit a room, so motion-detection lighting can be an excellent way to save. You can also use this technology in other parts of the building, such as hallways, communal areas, kitchens, and more.


Now that you know the various energy-saving benefits that PTAC systems can offer your hospitality business, you may be ready to upgrade your units. If you’re looking for PTAC units for sale, browse our selection of systems here at Transworld Services. We offer modern, high-quality PTAC and AC units for hotels, hospitals, apartments, and other hospitality services. You can find units from your favorite brands, such as GE, Hotpoint, and more, all at competitive prices. If you want to start upgrading your hotel for sustainability and reduced environmental impact, upgrading your PTAC units with Transworld Services is a great place to start.

This has been a quick guide on how hotels can reduce their energy use with new PTAC units. Outdated heating and air conditioning systems can cause your business to waste energy resources and drive up your energy bills, so don’t hesitate to schedule the upgrades you need. Browse our selection of modern systems here at Transworld Services to promote sustainable solutions in your hospitality business.