Pro-Idiom Hospitality TVs

Pro-Idiom matters. Most properties in the hospitality industry have content providers who still require Pro-Idiom encryption from your head-end system to the television. Prior to purchasing televisions for your property, you should contact your content provider and see if they require you purchase a Pro-Idiom TV to properly receive HD content at your property. The most cost-effective way to get Pro-Idiom is by purchasing televisions with Pro-Idiom built into them. Don’t get stuck purchasing the wrong TV. Whether it’s pro-idiom ready, non pro-idiom or smart we carry all hospitality and commercial grade models of televisions.

What is a hospitality TV?
A hospitality TV is a type of commercial grade television with features that support a hotel’s TV system. Depending on the type of television system the hotel may have and how the is the in-suite television content is presented in guest rooms, there are 4 different categories of hotel televisions that can function in a hotel TV system: Basic (Non-Pro:idiom), Pro:idiom, b-LAN and Smart TVs.

What is Pro:Idiom?
Pro:Idiom is a technology hotels and hospitality TVs implement in order to encrypt and protect the transmission of premium channels (such as, ESPN and Disney) to guests.

What is the difference between hospitality TV and normal TV?
The biggest difference is with the warranty. A warranty for a household TV will not cover its use in a commercial setting (hotel, retail store, etc), therefore, the cost of any issues and repairs under warranty must be paid for by the hotel. Additionally, hospitality TVs are designed specifically for prolonged use in a commercial setting.

Samsung 55″ NT670 Series 4K UHD Non-Smart Hospitality TV, LYNK DRM Only – HG55NT670UFXZA

LG 43″ UN560H Series Essential Commercial TV with 4K Active HDR – 43UN560H

LG 55″ AN960H Series 4K UHD OLED Hotel Smart TV with Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solutions – 55AN960H