Hospitality PTACs & ACs

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What does PTAC unit stand for?

PTAC unit stands for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, and it is a type of self-contained air conditioning and heating system, that is installed through a wall. They do not rely on ducts to operate, making them a great option for those who want to heat or cool a single room versus an entire building. PTAC units are most often found in hospitality rooms, i.e. hotels and motels. They are also found in hospitals, condos and apartments.

How much does a PTAC unit cost?

The price of a PTAC unit depends entirely on the brand / model of the unit. A single PTAC unit at consumer prices can range anywhere from $625 - $1,000+, generally. The price per unit depends on the amount of PTACs ordered in bulk. More specifically, when you purchase your PTACs from TWS Transworld, we leverage our volume pricing to get the most competitive price.

Why do hotels use PTACs?

A PTAC is simple to size and scale to any property type or size. Units are easy to install and unlike other system types when one units fails, only one room is affected lowering overall property risk. PTACs have a compact design, allowing for spare units to be kept onsite and exchange if there's an issue.

What is the best PTAC unit for hotel?

Selecting the best PTAC unit for a hotel depends on the location of the property, room size and electrical needs (whether the property is 208/230 volt or 265 volt). These are factors that help to choose the proper unit size.

What kind of AC units are in hotels?

Typically PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners), their counterparts - PTHPs (Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps) and VTACs (Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner) are most often found in hotel / motel rooms and other hospitality businesses.

What are the AC units in hotels called?

If the AC units are visible in the hotel room, then these are PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners) and their counterparts, PTHPs (Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps). If the AC unit is not visible or located within a closet, then a VTAC (Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner) system is being used. However, PTAC and VTAC units are not solely for hotel and motel applications.

How do hotel AC units work?

When in cooling mode the Veriable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) condenser pumps cold refrigerant to all of the fan coil units. In heating mode, the VRF pumps heat refrigerant (instead of cold refrigerant) to the fan coil units.