Verdant Energy Management Thermostats

verdant layer 1 report devices
verdant layer 1 report devices
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Verdant Energy Management Thermostats

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Product Highlights

Verdant thermostats save money through real-time occupancy detection; saving energy when rooms are unoccupied.

Available in either wired or wireless versions

Can be self-installed in 10 minutes

Occupancy detection

Patented night-time occupancy mode

Dynamic Intelligent Recovery

Humidity Control

Compatible with Verdant EI – online management interface

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Product Description

Watch Verdant’s Explainer video below to learn more!

Verdant Thermostats deliver unprecedented energy savings without compromising guest comfort. An integrated occupancy sensor allows for energy saving when rooms are unoccupied. Energy saving presets eliminate guesswork and make it easy to adjust the energy saving settings. A patented “Night Occupancy” feature ensures comfort while guests are sleeping. Built-in wireless mesh-networking enables optional remote management features. Fully configurable settings allow for customization of energy savings to fit any situation.

Temperature Setback automatically adjusts the temperature when rooms are unoccupied to save energy.

Temperature Recovery allows for setting a maximum time permitted for establishing a comfortable room temperature.

Setback Optimization monitors the temperature recovery rate and optimizes setback temperatures.

Setback Limits control the maximum and minimum room temperature when a room is in setback mode.

Set Point Limits prevent guests from setting the room temperature to extreme, energy-wasting levels.




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